Subway Bread Is Not Bread, Irish Court Rules

Whatever it is Subway is serving its sandwiches on, it’s not bread, according to the Supreme Court of Ireland.

<p>Ireland says Subway whatever Subway is putting its sandwiches on- it&#x27;s not bread.</p>

Ireland says Subway whatever Subway is putting its sandwiches on- it's not bread.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons: Famartin

On Thursday, Oct. 1, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that Subway's “bread” did not meet the standard definition of the food item.

Subway’s bread is too packed with sugar to be counted in the grain food group, the court ruled.

This all came about because Subway wanted to take advantage of Ireland’s Value-Added Tax, which provides tax breaks on healthy foods. The restaurant was denied and appealed the decision to the Supreme Court. 

Subway wanted a tax break for its menu items, but the bread’s sugar content knocked in out of the category, the court said.

Subway’s bread is five times the qualifying limit under the act, according to The Guardian. Instead, it’s considered more of a baked good like a cookie. 

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