Letter To The Editor: Carbonaro's Campaign Is Disgraceful, Promotes Hatred

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Dear Editor:

Pathetic, is aptly descriptive of Joan Carbonaro's recent mailings to the Rhinebeck/Clinton residents and reflects the desperation of an unqualified candidate.

Joan has been a friend on mine for years now, and it surprised me that she and her wife and campaign manager, Laura, deemed it necessary to stoop so low as to use dirty-politics.

Ms. Carbonaro is a Conservative Republican who has worked on behalf of the Trump campaign and voted for DonaldTrump, but, for some reason she does not mention this in her political platform materials. She attempts to present herself as a hard-working citizen, but has not held down any kind of job for decades.

Ms. Carbonaro refused to debate Joel Tyner in the Towns of Clinton or Rhinebeck when given many opportunities to do so. She could have presented her views at these debates to the voting public, but instead she cowered behind her mantra to many people, in their homes and on the streets, that she would find such debates to be "degrading."

This campaign style is reflective of a candidate who cannot stand on her own merits, and so must resort to desperate attempts to defile her opponent, a man who has built a strong record of accomplishments for his constituents and others, over many years.

Ms. Carbonaro owes the citizens of the Towns of Clinton and Rhinebeck, as well as the honorable Joel Tyner, an apology for bringing to our communities a disgraceful and embarrassing campaign, promoting hatred.

Keith Greeney

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