Sheriff Has Hilarious Response To Capture Of NJ Man Accused Of Threatening To Kill Him (Video)

A Florida sheriff threatened with death in his fight against anti-Semitism got the last laugh when the 38-year-old suspect was captured by authorities in his mom's New Jersey living room — and it was all caught on bodycam footage.

Richard Golden threatened to kill Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Richard Golden threatened to kill Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

Photo Credit: Volusia Sheriff's Office

The 25-minute video shows the arrest of Richard Golden, in Monmouth Junction, who had been wanted by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida for threatening to shoot Volusia Sheriff Mike J. Chitwood in the head, South Brunswick police said.

Golden, charged with making a written threat to kill or cause injury, posted the threat in a 4chan chat on Feb. 22, Chitwood's office said. In the chat, various users were discussing Sheriff Chitwood’s response to recent hate activity in Volusia County.

“Just shoot Chitwood in the head and he stops being a problem. They have to find a new guy to be the problem," Golden wrote, according to officials. "But shooting Chitwood in the head solves an immediate problem permanently. Just shoot Chitwood in the head and murder him.”

Calling Golden a "cowardly scumbag," Chitwood noted that everything Golden posted in 4chat was anonymous.

"I guess if I looked like this I really wouldn't want to be identified being 38 years old living in my mother's back bedroom with no job," the sheriff said, holding Golden's mugshot.

In the clip of Golden's arrest, an elderly woman answers the door when South Brunswick police came knocking for her son on Monday, March 13, according to the footage posted by the Volusia Sheriff's Office

"Richard!" his mom yells. "They're here. I don't know who they are but they're here."

Golden comes down the stairs where police place him in handcuffs.

"I cannot wait to meet him when he gets off the plane,” Chitwood said, noting Golden's complimentary airfare, courtesy of Volusia County. "Because one of the first faces he’s going to see welcoming him to the Volusia County Jail, the happiest place on earth, is going to be me.”

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