Letter: Duff Fights For Malloy Instead Of Norwalk, Darien Families

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Greg Ehlers
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To the editor:

As soon as I announced my candidacy against Bob Duff for the state Senate from the 25th District, I repeatedly was told what a “nice guy” Bob is. People pointed out how he attended every ribbon-cutting community event and school graduation in town.

I repeatedly have maintained my campaign will be about issues and a more sustainable plan for Connecticut’s future, not staged photo opportunities. But, my gosh, has Bob Duff let you down this week! I’m not just writing this as a political opponent of Duff’s but as a frustrated father of three in the district who cannot believe how Duff has unapologetically thrown Norwalk and Darien under the bus while fighting for Gov. Dan Malloy in Hartford. 

For anyone unfamiliar with the proceedings, after the 2017 state budget passed the legislature last month, Malloy used the line-item veto to eliminate $20 million in cuts to municipalities and deep cuts to Federally Qualified Health Centers, which provide health care in underserved areas. Many in the legislature have good reason to believe Fairfield County will be targeted for the combined $20 million in cuts. This means Norwalk and Darien, which already drafted their budgets for schools and hospitals, should expect significantly less aid from the state than those budgets include.

If you are a parent or a senior citizen, if you are struggling financially or are just a taxpayer, these cuts should infuriate and terrify you. 

I haven’t even gotten to the worst part. Duff -- your elected senator and Senate majority leader -- chose to use his substantial power in Hartford not to stick up for families in Norwalk and Darien but to ensure an attempt by both Republicans and Democrats in the legislature to override Malloy’s line-item veto would fail by taking to the Senate floor and calling for an end to the veto session without discussion. 

It should now be as clear as day Duff no longer is concerned with Norwalk families. (He has never shown any interest in representing Darien families). He must think he can snap a few pictures with Norwalkers and shake some hands at graduation, and no one will notice while he continues quest for power in Hartford by serving as Malloy’s favorite politician. 

Duff is a nice guy, sure, but you cannot allow him to represent you in Hartford anymore. That’s why I’ve decided to run against a well-entrenched incumbent. Norwalk and Darien need real representation, not an opportunistic politician who puts himself before his constituents. 

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