Bill Banning Transgender Girls From Girls' Sports Races Toward Pennsylvania Senate

A bill banning transgender girls from participating in girls' school sports is making was passed by the Pennsylvania House on Tuesday, April 12.

Iszac Henig, Caitlyn Jenner, Lia Thomas.

Iszac Henig, Caitlyn Jenner, Lia Thomas.

Photo Credit: Twitter (Caitlyn Jenner; @Caitlyn_Jenner); Instagram (Isaac Henig; @iszac.henig); UPenn

Now heading to the Senate, the bill — passed in an 115-84 vote —would ban "students of the male sex" from playing on all-girls teams.

A spokesperson for Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said he'll veto the bill if it makes it to him, according to the Associated Press.

Rep. Austin Davis of Allegheny County said the bill "demonstrates a lack of empathy."

Rep. Valerie Gaydos, a former Division III lacrosse player, said allowing transgender girls to play on all-girls sports teams destroys fair competition.

"I can’t imagine playing against biological males who are bigger, faster, stronger,” she said.

The vote comes less than a month after UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas made headlines as the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA championship.

The controversial athlete sparked outrage on Twitter earlier this year after setting new records at a meet in Ohio.

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