Area High School Seniors Offer Accounts Of New Hampshire Primary Election

MANXCHESTER, N.H. -- A pair of Mamaroneck High School students, among the 115 taking part in an AP government project in New Hampshire this week, offered their thoughts Tuesday as vote results from the first presidential primary began coming in.

Joe Yalowitz’s photo from the Palace Theater in Manchester. Go to The jMamaroneck High School journalism students’ publication is posted here at .
Joe Yalowitz’s photo from the Palace Theater in Manchester. Go to The jMamaroneck High School journalism students’ publication is posted here at . Photo Credit: Joe Yalowitz

For the first time this year, MHS government/politics teacher Joe Liberti added a journalism component to the class. A total of 21 journalism students’ are posting coverage of today's primary election by clocking . Or you can follow the MHS' students' on Twitter @Mamk_NH16 and Instagram at mamk_nh16. Here is more detail about Liberti's class: 

Two of Tuesday's MHS class reports filed to Daily Voice are below.

This one is from Krista Doherety:

"This trip has been fascinating. The first thing that struck me was the passion, and enthusiasm the people have for the candidates. Random people who notice my Bernie pin will stop me in the street and are excited to see that I am also a Bernie supporter. The second day when we were getting lunch we saw two men debating over Clinton and Sanders. Each were trying to persuade us why one was the better choice. The debate ended with them agreeing that as long as it's a democrat in office then they can settle. This passion and excitement is not something I see back in Mamaroneck or Larchmont so this was a whole new experience.

"Something else that I will always remember is meeting Senator Sanders and shaking his hand. It's one thing to listen to him speak on tv but in person I got so caught up in the moment and it felt so real.

"I have known that I want to go down the political science track but after this trip I know that I may not want to be a lawyer but maybe explore my options in government. Especially after hearing Senator Sanders speak, for he was encouraging about getting involved. I was inspired by Senator Sanders determination to change the corrupt ways of America, and hope to one day make a difference.

"I was already excited about this election but after spending a few days in New Hampshire the passion these people have has rubbed off on me. Today during canvassing in the 18 degree weather, with snow falling, I was determined to hold up my Sanders sign and encourage people to vote for Sanders. I could not be more enthusiastic to spread my love for him, and my belief that he would make a wonderful president.

"I am so thankful for this experience, and it has been a highlight during my high school career," Doherety conlcuded.

Tuesday's report from Danielle De Vito:

"Overall this trip has been an incredible experience. I love that I get this opportunity to go around and campaign for a candidate who I truly believe would make a great president. I especially appreciate this trip because I will not be able to vote in the NY primary, for I am not turning 18 until October, so this trip still allows me to participate and hopefully make a difference for Rubio's campaign. 

"I particularly like canvassing because it allows me to talk to people face-to-face and explain not only why I support Rubio, but why they should too. I also was really lucky to meet him and take a picture with him at his town hall meeting. Listening to him speak in person is a totally different experience because you are able to feel more personally connected to what he is saying. 

"Also separate from the Rubio campaign, the Rubio volunteers were able to have an hour to talk to Andrew Card, who was Chief of Staff for George W. Bush in addition to working for the White House with many other jobs. Hearing his insights and stories were incredibly fascinating and eye opening. He had some really interesting and new advice about what to look for in a good future president.

" Politics in general was never something I saw myself getting super into, but after taking AP Gov, and after this trip, I have grown to have a much greater interest within this field. This trip is truly something I will never forget!" De Vito concluded.

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