New Food Show Features Irvington Native Dan Glickberg Of Fairway Fame

IRVINGTON, N.Y. -- Walk in with a tasty idea ... walk out with a fortune. Such is the premise of "Food Fortunes," a new Food Network show where recipe developers, food visionaries and other entrepreneurs have the chance to win big bucks from judges that work in the business. (The audience also gets to vote.)

Irvington native Dan Glickberg currently appears on "Food Fortunes."

Irvington native Dan Glickberg currently appears on "Food Fortunes."

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Among those judges -- as well as an investor in the show -- Dan Glickberg, a fourth-generation founding family member of Fairway Market and past vice president.

Glickberg, who grew up in Irvington and now owns Manhattan-based Dan Glickberg Food, a food consulting company, said the show is a natural transition for him, especially as he worked for years with a number of small suppliers. "I understand their operations," he said.

His experience being in such close contact with consumers -- knowing what they'll spend their money on -- also gives him a unique perspective for knowing what companies to invest in.

So far -- he's on six of the eight episodes -- he's been having so much fun he doesn't feel like he's working.

Among the trends Glickberg is seeing: 

  • Healthy Living: "What had been a niche category is really standing on its own with a lot more traditional players in the market."
  • Protein: "This is huge right now," he said. A lot of companies are developing products where they are adding protein into their products. "This is not meant for someone who lifts weights, but for the average consumer."
  • Renewable Sources Of Protein: Are you ready for cricket? As in cricket flour in protein bars and crackers. "You can't taste the difference," said Glickberg. "This is a pure product."

And though he can't go into more details -- you have to watch the show to see -- he said it's definitely interesting to see all the bright enterpeneurs who are thinking outside the box.

"There's a lot going on in the food world right now," he said. "With ideas you've never seen or thought of before."

Coming up April 6 at 10 p.m.: A pitch on a breakfast treat that's caffeinated, a line of unusual flavored sodas, a frozen take on a hometown favorite, a coffee franchise that serves edible cups, and a cooking school that's delivered right to your door.


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