Popular Pizza Guru Reviews Saratoga Springs Eatery: 'Mystifying I've Never Had This'

After driving past the place “a million times” over the years, Dave Portnoy finally stopped at a pizzeria in the region to see what all the fuss is about.

Dave Portnoy outside 9 Miles East Farm in Saratoga Springs.
Dave Portnoy outside 9 Miles East Farm in Saratoga Springs. Photo Credit: YouTube/One Bite Pizza Reviews

The self-proclaimed pizza expert and Barstool Sports owner, age 46, visited Saratoga County eatery 9 Miles East Farm in Saratoga Springs on Thursday, Sept. 7, for his popular “One Bite Pizza Reviews” series on YouTube.

“It’s absolutely mystifying I’ve never had this pizza. Mystifying,” he said, adding that several people have recommended the restaurant to him over the years.

Next it was on to the review. Portnoy started out by noting that the pie was “thin, which I like.”

“Pretty good undercarriage,” he added before taking his first bite. “Tastes like Greek cheese to me a little bit. I don’t know if that makes sense,” he said.

Then a second bite.

“A little greasy,” he said before blowing on the pie and taking a third bite, mulling over his verdict. “Maybe a lot greasy.” A fourth bite.

“I’m gonna go… if this was cut in squares I would swear on my life it’s a Greek pizza,” he continues. “I’m gonna go six (point) eight.”

Fortunately for 9 Miles East Farm, its non-famous customers have been much more generous with their reviews. The eatery holds a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Yelp, with several users praising its dishes.

Founded in 2007, the restaurant incorporates Farmer Ground flour from Ithaca for its sourdough crust, along with tomatoes from its farm and mozzarella cheese from Cappiello Dairy in Schenectady.

“The crust is naturally leavened and slow-fermented for three days, giving it great texture and flavor,” reads its Yelp profile. “And many customers sensitive to gluten report that it's also easier to digest.”

Among its most popular pies, according to online reviews, are the Sautéed Mushroom, Sausage, and Margherita variations.

“The pizza was delicious. There were many options to try,” one Yelp user wrote. “The vodka pizza was everyone’s favorite.”

Another user raved that the crust was “perfect” and the sauce and cheese were “just yummy.”

9 Miles East is open daily. Find out more on its website.

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