Northern Westchester Hospital Dietitians: Changing Lives, Beyond Bariatric Surgery

With bariatric weight loss surgery, undergoing the initial surgical procedure is often just the first step in a larger journey to healthy living. And thanks to the nutritional team at Northern Westchester Hospital, patients are able to receive support every step of the way, which can result in a higher success rate and better emotional healing.

Brianna Farrand, Bariatric Dietitian. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

"As a bariatric dietitian, I work with patients and counsel them one-on-one to help them know what to expect before surgery and for life afterward," said Brianna Farrand, the registered dietitian for the Surgical Weight Loss Program at Northern Westchester Hospital. 

After undergoing surgery, patients continue to receive bariatric nutrition guidance. "I continue to work with them to make sure that 'normal eating' includes healthier eating habits," said Farrand. This often involves helping patients understand how to approach common, everyday situations with their new health in mind. For example, "you can still meet friends after work, but instead of meeting at the bar for a drink, maybe you’re meeting for a gym class or to go for a hike," she said.

The end goal of this and other nutritional support programs is to ensure the surgery leads not only to an initial weight loss but drives a larger lifestyle shift and reinforces the importance of healthy eating and exercise. That’s why the Surgical Weight Loss Program includes a support group. “Part of my role is devoted to the emotional healing and support for people who’ve battled obesity and have now undergone a life-changing experience to put them back on the path to wellness,” explained Farrand.

"The really amazing part is to be a witness to [patients'] transformations," said Farrand. "The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Northern Westchester Hospital is really changing people’s lives."

To learn more about the types of support needed for a successful surgical weight loss journey, visit the Surgical Weight Loss Program at NWH at Chappaqua Crossing in Chappaqua or call (877) 781-2534.