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Can Sports Save the World? Steer for Student Athletes Says Yes

For the past 10 years, Port Chester-based STEER for Student Athletes has used sports engagement to achieve its stated mission of “Saving the World One Student Athlete at a Time.”

"Saving the World One Student Athlete at a Time"

"Saving the World One Student Athlete at a Time"

Photo Credit: STEER for Student Athletes

STEER was inspired by the prominent Sports Illustrated writer Alex Wolff and uses imbedded advisors and tailored services to support promising student athletes by helping them graduate high school on time and get accepted into the college of their choice. STEER boasts a 100 percent success rate and now operates in Port Chester, Yonkers, and New York City and is launching in the Tarrytown School District in the fall.

Its unique approach of individualizing a program for each student athlete and using existing services as much as possible has led to unprecedented success.

"We just completed our most expansive summer programming in our history,"  said CEO, Co-Founder, and Port Chester resident Joe Durney. "And it is a perfect example of the opportunities our student athletes are exposed to."

The STEER model identifies areas where support is needed and matches a comprehensive set of services around the participant and their families to achieve life-changing and sustainable outcomes.

“STEER has a developed a forward-looking model for student athletes facing tremendous obstacles,"  added Durney. "We provide the 'steer' in support of their academic, athletic, and life goals on an individual basis." 

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