Mount Kisco Medical Group Plans Breast Cancer Symposium

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- Mount Kisco Medical Group will host a Breast Cancer Symposium on Thursday, Oct. 30, at its Mount Kisco office.

Photo Credit: Contributed

The symposium starts at 6:30 p.m. in the Founders Conference Room. The office is at 110 South Bedford Road in Mount Kisco. RSVP to Doreen Semel at 914-242-2666.

The symposium, part of MKMG’s Community Education Series, will several important topics. Dr. Julie Gold will discuss Treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer.

“The management of early stage breast cancer typically includes both local treatments and other adjuvant therapies which are given by a medical oncologist following surgery,’’ Dr. Gold said. “Local therapy includes surgery and this is sometimes followed by radiation.  The treatments provided by a medical oncologist following surgery are individualized for each patient and often include chemotherapy, antibody therapy and/or anti-estrogen therapy.”

Other topics include Breast Cancer Research at MKMG -- The Future Is Now?, with Dr. Jonathan Goldberg, MD; Breast Cancer Screen, Controversies, and Techniques, with Dr. Virna Lisi-DiMartino, MD; and Dr. Lyda Rojas, MD, on Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer.

The symposium is run in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, which runs through October.