McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Item For Two Days This Week

Astrology buffs fretting over the so-called Mercury retrograde can take solace at their local golden arches.

McDonald's Sign

McDonald's Sign

Photo Credit: Pixabay/KelvinStuttard

Tuesday, May 10, marks the start of a two-day promotion at McDonald’s where customers can receive a free McChicken or McDouble by purchasing medium fries via the McDonald’s app, Yahoo News reports.

The idea is to quell any anxieties people may have ahead of the supposed turbulent period using one of the best coping mechanisms around - fast food.

During retrograde, the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky thanks to an optical illusion. The phenomenon is slated to end Friday, June 3.

Followers of astrology believe the period is plagued by difficult communication with many associating it with confusion, delay, and frustration.

As part of this week’s deal, McDonald’s is also teaming up with social media star and self-anointed astrology expert, Madam Adam, to give select fans a McDonald’s themed tarot card reading on TikTok, Yahoo News reports.

Click here for the full story from Yahoo News.

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