Letter To The Editor: Astorino Is A Liar

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Rob Astorino

Rob Astorino

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To the Editor:

Legislator Catherine Borgia was correct when she referred to County Executive, Rob Astorino, as a liar. He is a persistent user of lies to campaign, promote his policies or veto legislation. When Legislator Borgia made her comment, the County Executive had just vetoed the Immigrant Protection Act that was approved by both Democrats and Republicans in a 10 t0 5 vote. Mr. Astorino claimed that the protection of hard working immigrants would define Westchester as a Sanctuary County, but the Act was carefully worded to avoid that classification. Mr. Astorino received so much criticism for his veto that he issued an Executive Act with a watered down set of protections.

Mr. Astorino still lies that Governor Cuomo is shutting down Indian Point and that IP supplies 25% of the electricity used in Westchester and New York City. Entergy publicly stated that they decided to close the plant and they are closing or selling off all their nuclear plants in the Northeast and Michigan. Further, NYPA, the only supplier to all municipal users in our region has not bought any Indian Point energy since 2013 and ConEd, the sole supplier to non-municipal users, only has a contract for 560 Megawatts of IP power. Mr. Astorino is just lying to set up his run for Governor.

Mr. Astorino also lies about privatizing the Westchester Airport. He claims there will be no expansion, but the plans are to build two new hangars for corporate jets and he has said that we have no authority to regulate those aircraft.

Among the biggest lies I can recall is his 2005 claim that the Kensico Dam was a larger threat to public health and safety than was Indian Point. Somehow, Mr. Astorino got a video of an unauthorized person in the pump room of the dam. How did that happen? And if he felt that the dam was so dangerous, why did he try to build an ornate ice skating rink at the foot of the dam? He is too much like his buddy Donald Trump and we need a real change in the County leadership.

Gary Shaw

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