DV Decision: Hillary Wins The Debate In First Round Of Clinton Vs. Trump

PASSAIC COUNTY, N J. -- Democratic Presidential Candiate Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate of 2016, according to Daily Voice readers.

Tell us your thoughts in our DV Decision series.
Tell us your thoughts in our DV Decision series. Photo Credit: File

Our poll showed 57 percent favored the Chappaqua resident over Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump after the two took to the Hofstra stage on Monday, Sept. 26.

"There should be a level of civility which is lacking on the Republican side," wrote one reader. "The moderator should have a microphone cut off button and shut down any candidate who interrupts or continues to speak when running over their time limit. I would love to hear facts, positions and details of each candidates plans, not insults and mud slinging!"

Wrote another: "It was fascinating to watch their faces. Trump was especially animated as Hillary took her turn. And what a display of bad manners! How many times did he interrupt her? She did it too, but not to that degree. Can't wait for the next debates."

Stay tuned for another polling question on Monday. In the meantime, continue to send comments to

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