11 More Customers Accuse Golden Goose Jewelry Shop Owner Of Stealing Thousands From Them

Eleven more customers have accused a Jersey Shore jewelry store owner of stealing a combined $300,000 from them -- bringing the total to 14 accusations and nearly $563,000, authorities said.

The Golden Goose jewelry store at 7 West River Road in Rumson

The Golden Goose jewelry store at 7 West River Road in Rumson

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Rumson's Golden Goose owner Anthony Goltsch was initially charged with theft Sept. 3 for failing to return personal jewelry worth at least $263,000 to three customers, Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said.

The fine jewelry was left at his store on consignment, for redesign or repair, according to the prosecutor.

The first of the 11 new victims had consigned a ring appraised at $45,000 to Goltsch in April 2019, Gramiccioni said. As of Oct. 15, the victim hadn't received any payment for the ring despite attempting to get it back on several occasions, the prosecutor said.

The other victims lodged similar complaints for incidents that occurred between 2015 and 2019, according to Gramiccioni:

  • Victim 2 gave Goltsch a large quantity of sterling silver jewelry to melt in November 2015. The jewelry has an estimated value between $5,000 and $10,000, but the victim has to-date not received payment from Goltsch.
  • Victim 3 consigned a watch with an estimated value of $1,800 in July 2019. Victim has not received any payment for the watch and has attempted to get the watch back on numerous occasions, but Goltsch has not returned or paid for the watch.
  • Victim 4 paid Goltsch a deposit of $6,900 for a ring in June 2020. Goltsch did not deliver the ring but the victim was able to reverse the charge on his credit card.
  • Victim 5 paid Goltsch $34,500 for a watch between March and June 2018. The watch was never delivered by Goltsch, and he has refused to refund the money.
  • Victim 6 paid Goltsch a total of $98,704 between November 2019 and February 2020 for both gold and silver coins. The victim has not received the coins despite numerous follow-ups with Goltsch.
  • Victim 7, who is a jewelry dealer, provided diamonds on at least eight occasions to Goltsch to sell between April 2018 and June 2019. Despite numerous requests for payment or a return of the diamonds, Goltsch failed to pay or make a return. The total amount of the theft for this victim is $98,500.
  • Victim 8 in March 2019, victim handed over earrings to Goltsch for repairs. Despite multiple requests made to Goltsch, he has refused to return the items valued between $700 and $1,000.
  • Victim 9 turned over to Goltsch in June 2019, assorted gold jewelry for melting. To-date, the victim has not received payment for the assorted gold jewelry valued at approximately $3,500.
  • Victim 10 gave Goltsch assorted jewelry valued at approximately $10,000 on consignment in September 2019. The victim followed up with Goltsch but to-date has not received payment for the assorted jewelry, and he has refused to return the jewelry.
  • Victim 11 left her watch with Goltsch for repair in April 2019. The victim was charged $535 for the repair in August 2019. The victim has followed up numerous times, but has not received back from Goltsch the watch, valued at approximately $5,000.

Anyone with information about The Golden Goose is urged to call Detective Michael Acquaviva of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, Financial Crimes Unit at 732-431-7160, ext. 2233, or Rumson Police Detective Donald Schneider at 732-842-0500.

The case is assigned to Monmouth County Assistant Prosecutor Lawrence Nelsen.

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