More 'F's Than 'A's - Connecticut Politicians Graded On Educational Support

The Connecticut Educational Association has issued its annual report card on members of the state House and Senate - and the grades seem to have fallen along party lines.

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The CEA, which lobbies for educational funding and reform, gave Democrats high marks for their work on education issues and reserved the bottom end of the spectrum for Republicans.

In all, out of Connecticut's 187 state politicians, 37 earned 'A's and 51 received 'F's.

The annual report card considers whether legislators were supportive of education funding, unions, professional development, standards, and school safety. Legislators were awarded points for supporting the same education policy and social justice issues as the CEA.

All Connecticut state representatives and senators were graded on their voting records, co-sponsorships of bills, advocacy, and responsiveness during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Legislators received number grades on a scale of 0-100 just like students. Anything above 92 is an 'A' and anything 59 or lower is an 'F.'

The CEA awarded the following list of senators and representatives the highest and lowest grades among their colleagues.

TOP OF THE CLASS (from low to high marks)


Gary Winfield, 10th District, D, 96

Bob Duff, 25th District, D, 97

John Fonfara, 1st District, D, 98

Marilyn Moore, 22nd District, D, 99

Martin Looney, 11th District, D, 99

Julie Kushner, 24th District, D, 100


Edwin Vargas, D, 6th District, 95

Peter Tercyak, 26th District, D, 95

Sean Scanlon, 98th District, D, 95

Linda Orange, 48th District, D, 95

Anne Hughes, 135th District, D, 95

Michael DiMassa, 116th District, 95

Hilda Santiago, 84th District, D, 96

Geoff Luxenberg, 12th District, D, 96

Joshua Hall, 7th District, D, 96

Josh Elliott, 88th District, D, 96

Michelle Cook, 65th District, D, 96

Jason Rojas, 9th District, D, 98

Matthew Ritter, 1st District, D, 98

David Michel, 146th District, D, 99

Bobby Gibson, 15th District, D, 99

Michael Winkler, 56th District, D, 100

Geraldo Reyes, 75th District, D, 100

Robyn Porter, 94th District, D, 100

Ronald Napoli, 73rd District, D, 100

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT (scores from high to low)


Heather Somers, 18th District, R, 60.3

Rob Sampson, 16th District, R, 56.8

Kevin Kelly, 21st District, R, 56.4

Craig Miner, 30th District, R, 56.3

Paul Formica, 20th District, R, 56.3

Leonard Fasano, 34th District, R, 53.8


Jay Case, 63rd District, R, 50

Whit Betts, 787th District, R, 50

John Piscopo, 76th District, R, 48

Rick Hayes, 51st District, R, 48

John Fusco, 81st District, R, 48

Mike France, 42nd District, R, 47

Craig Fishbein, 90th District, R, 47

David Wilson, 66th District, R, 46

Gale Mastrofrancesco, 80th District, R, 46

Rosa Rebimbas, 70th District, R, 45.

To see how your state representative or senator ranked, visit the report card at CEA.

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