Occupy Darien Wants More Protesters on Day 2

DARIEN, Conn. – Occupy Darien organizer Margaret Rague said the Darien Police stopping a train Wednesday morning was part of what kept people away from the first day of the demonstration.

“I think it had a chilling effect,” Rague said of the search for a double-homicide suspect that was unrelated to the protest. She said she doubted there was even a murderer on the train and accused police of pulling their guns on innocent people.

“It was a cock-and-bull story. Did they think these people were hiding a murderer in their pocket? It was a gross violation of the rights of the people on the train.”

Another likely reason that people stayed away from the first day of the event Wednesday was the rain. The sun was shining bright Thursday morning. Leif Smith, a constable and justice of the peace from Redding, was strumming on his guitar in the sunshine.

After protesters Richard Duffee and Tommy Fox came to the event Wednesday, Rague gave them $1,000 to pay for train tickets to bring more people for the second day of the event. She said many demonstrators were preparing for Christmas, and she did not think that many people would be brought from New York.

“If they show up, fine. If they don’t show up, fine.”

Rague was happy with the conversations that took place between the protesters and thinks that should be the real focus.

“It’s not about me, it’s not about Darien, it’s about what’s going on in the nation. The police state is beginning to enthrone itself at the behest of the corporations.”

Rague is still expecting more people to come out Thursday and engage in conversation and has scheduled more speakers to share their thoughts on the current economic situation.

Will you be attending the second day of Occupy Darien?

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