Viral Pennsylvania TikToker Shines On 'Today Show'

A 37-year-old Pennsylvania mom who has gone viral for documenting her runs on TikTok was recently highlighted on the "Today Show."

Erin Azar aka Mrs. Space Cadet

Erin Azar aka Mrs. Space Cadet

Photo Credit: Erin Azar

Erin Azar wasn't always a runner. She began in 2019 after the birth of her third child.

"I was mentally and physically not feeling well," she recalls. "I was exhausted, but one day I just went outside and put on my sneakers with holes in them and ratty clothes, and just started running."

Something began happening in her brain. Azar, of Kutztown, suddenly felt a lot happier. More clear-minded.

Running was just the release that Azar was looking for.

In November 2019, Azar switched her videos from YouTube to TikTok, where one of her first-ever runs went viral with almost 3 million views.

"It was something that people obviously relate to, and I decided I was just going to keep going," she said.

As of September 2021, Mrs.Space.Cadet garnered over 649,000 followers and 24 million likes on TikTok.

"I started getting all these comments and messages saying, 'You inspired me to run my first mile,' or, 'You inspired me to sign up for a 5K,'" she told TODAY. "I never thought I'd inspire anybody to do anything, so that was huge for me. I'm going to keep going."

Her goal is to finish every run, keep others inspired, and being nothing other than authentic.

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