Video: Officers Stop Woman From Falling Off Parking Garage Roof In Yonkers

A woman’s life was saved thanks to careful action from officers who stopped her from falling from the roof of a Westchester parking garage.

A woman in distress was stopped from falling off the roof of a parking garage in Yonkers. 

A woman in distress was stopped from falling off the roof of a parking garage in Yonkers. 

Photo Credit: Yonkers Police

The rescue happened on Wednesday, Jan. 31 just before 9:30 a.m., when Yonkers Police responded to the roof of a parking garage within the city’s 4th Precinct where a woman was threatening to jump, the department announced on Friday, Feb. 2.

Arriving police began surrounding the garage as Emergency Service Unit officers raced to the roof and began speaking with the woman, who was “clearly in distress,” authorities said.

As Officer Sandro Vazquez began pleading with the woman to get her to step from the ledge, Officers Michael Mirabella, Jason Philipps, Richard Fernandez, and Brendan Moore secured a rope safety system that would keep police from falling over the ledge during the response.

After a short amount of time, Vazquez was joined by the department’s Crisis Negotiation Team leader, Deputy Chief Monaco, and the pair continued negotiating with the woman for around five minutes. However, officers spotted her beginning to lean backward over the ledge and quickly grabbed her to stop her from falling, pulling her to safety in the process.

The dramatic scene was captured on body camera footage released by the department on social media.

After her rescue, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

The department used the incident to show residents that help is always available.

“We want everyone in our community to know that we have amazing resources here in Yonkers to help and support you through the struggles of everyday life,” the department wrote on social media, adding, “Don't choose a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please dial 9-8-8 if you feel like you may want to harm yourself.” 

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