Kavanaugh Must Take A Polygraph Test, Cuomo Says

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on President Trump to demand that Judge Brett Kavanaugh take a polygraph test -- like his accuser Christina Blasey Ford did -- to help clear his name before a Senate confirmation vote for a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Senate Court.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Judge Brett Kavanaugh Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In a press statement, Cuomo of New Castle wrote: "President Trump, you said you would watch the hearings today. I believe Dr. Ford's testimony is very compelling. 

"Only a political skeptic could find a reason to disbelieve her. What is her possible motive to lie? In any event, I fear this will just increase the political polarization. Whatever happens, your decision will be tainted for history and with it the credibility of the Supreme Court."

Cuomo added: "Here is one basic fact that badly hurts Judge Kavanaugh: Why won't he take a polygraph? Dr. Ford did. If he does not take a polygraph test, it is the ultimate, 'he said, she said.' It is the one powerful piece of evidence that seriously damages his credibility and the credibility of his Republican supporters, including yourself. 

"You can and should ask him to take the test. If he refuses, you should pull the appointment. It will show at least a modicum of fairness on your part. If you do not insist that Judge Kavanaugh take a polygraph, it will be further evidence that you are putting political motivation over your constitutional obligation. Do not aid and abet a lie. Demand a polygraph."

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11=10 to move Kavanaugh's confirmation to a full Senate vote, with the stipulation that the FBI spend about a week investigating sex abuse allegations by Ford during the next week. Trump said he agreed with the Senate Committee's decision. 

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