Get 'Corny' On National Popcorn Day, White Plains

National Popcorn Day is this Thursday, Jan. 19, and here's a "corny" survey that proves Americans may be divided when it comes to politics, but there's something most citizens agree on -- love of popcorn.

The vast majority of Americans (73 percent) enjoy their popcorn with butter and salt.
The vast majority of Americans (73 percent) enjoy their popcorn with butter and salt. Photo Credit: Submitted

The "pop" culture researchers at National Today -- self-described as America's favorite online destination to celebrate quirky and fun holidays -- conducted a Popcorn Day Survey and found that 92 out of 100 Americans enjoy popcorn.

Corn was domesticated in Mexico 9,000 years ago, and there's evidence that people have been popping it for at least 5,000 years. Popcorn's also a whole grain and high in fiber, if you didn't know.

From Jan. 13-15, the company asked 1,000 Americans about their popcorn preferences.

The results aren't too surprising: most people prefer butter and salt, for flavoring their popcorn, and folks prefer to eat it at the movies. Here are more of the details.

Top flavors:

  • butter and salt -- 73 percent
  • cheese -- 37 percent
  • caramel -- 32 percent
  • garlic salt -- 15 percent
  • chocolate -- 14 percent

Top occasions to eat the treat:

  • at the movie theater -- 63 percent
  • watching TV or movies -- 62 percent
  • late-night snack -- 30 percent
  • an easy snack when folks get home -- 22 percent
  • at the office as a light snack -- 13 percent

The survey also assessed Americans' favorite brands, with Orville Redenbacher leading the pack, followed by Pop Secret, then Act II. To see the full survey results, click here.

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