Ellen Surprises Marist Sorority Superfans

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. -- The Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority at Marist College in Poughkeepsie got the ultimate surprise from their favorite TV show host.

Ellen DeGeneres surprises a Marist sorority.
Ellen DeGeneres surprises a Marist sorority. Photo Credit: EllenTube
A group of Ellen's biggest Poughkeepsie fans got an awesome surprise – complete with a high-stakes game of flip cup! Photo Credit: TheEllenShow

On Tuesday, Ellen DeGeneres surprised the superfans with a trip to Los Angeles to attend a taping of the show.

In a letter to the show, Victoria Ruggiero said her sorority schedules their classes so they don't miss an episode and discuss the show in a group chat. 

The sorority sisters thought they would be Skyping with a producer, but instead, saw DeGeneres. Screaming, crying and jumping ensued.

"Hi everybody," DeGeneres said. "Surprise."

Ruggerio told DeGeneres how much she inspires her sorority. 

"You are a role model," Ruggiero said. "We do philanthropy events, raise money for good causes. We want to give back like you. You're incredible."

Ruggerio said DeGeneres has helped her get through an illness to her dad.

"I can never thank you enough for making me laugh everyday," Ruggerio said.

Despite being the smallest sorority on campus, DeGeneres praised them for doing the most volunteering and raising more money for charity than any other group.

Another member of the sorority celebrated her 21st birthday with an Ellen themed birthday party. The sorority competed in a game of Root Beer Flip Cup, with the winning team flying to Los Angeles to see the show.

But DeGeneres had one more surprise in store for the losers: they get to attend the taping as well.

To view the segment, click here.

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