Your Safety And Care Come First At Northern Westchester Hospital

Don’t let any talk about hospitals not being able to accommodate non-COVID-19 patients scare you away. When you need care, Northern Westchester Hospital is there for you—pandemic or no.

Don’t put off the medical care you need! Learn how NWH continues to keep patients safe through a recorded live webinar and Q&A. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

This message was stressed recently in a live webinar and Q&A session hosted by Derek Anderson, Executive Director of Northern Westchester Hospital with guests Dr. Michael Rosenberg, VP, Physician, Surgical Services & Associate Medical Director, and Dr. Navid Mootabar, Chief of OB/GYN.

“We’re still here for you even while we’re focused on COVID-19,” emphasized Dr. Rosenberg. “We have maintained the capability to take care of our patients and have been doing so all long.”

Northern Westchester Hospital doctors and staff are taking every precaution to maintain patients' confidence and safety during this difficult time. Cancer patients continue to ring the gong after their final treatments. Heart patients come to the hospital and have any and all issues addressed. And babies are still being born—with mom’s support partner in attendance.

“We’ve done everything we can to ensure safety,” added Dr. Mootabar. “We want patients’ birthing experiences to be the same as [they were] before this crisis.”

While routines and traditions remain, there are new safety protocols in place as well. Screening temperatures and masking is the new norm, and all patients coming into the hospital for birth or surgery are tested for COVID-19.

While hospitals in New York prepare to once again perform elective surgeries, Northern Westchester Hospital is currently performing necessary surgeries and already planning for the day when they can return to a full surgical schedule.

When it comes to the continuing fight against COVID-19, Northern Westchester remains on the front lines. The hospital has three clinical trials open and an application for a fourth to deal with the coronavirus. Notably, hospitalizations from the illness have decreased by more than 50 percent over the past three weeks at Northern Westchester as well.

“We’re seeing a curve flattening,” said Anderson, “and that’s good news on all fronts.”

Anderson also noted a special milestone: One of the hospital’s first COVID-19 patients, after six long weeks, was released.

“It’s a victory for us to see success stories and progress made against this pandemic,” he said.

To view this webinar and others like it, visit Northern Westchester Hospital's YouTube page. Spanish-language presentations are available as well.