NWH's Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Offers A 'Different Lifestyle'

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- For those struggling with weight issues, obesity is more than just a physical problem.

Sharon describes her lifelong struggle with orthopedic issues resulting from her weight. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

“I’ve been heavy since I was a little kid," said Sharon, a patient at Northern Westchester Hospital. "People perceive you differently [when you're obese], they stare at you." In addition to dealing with the stigma associated with being overweight, Sharon's health issues started to take a toll on her body. "Moving around I had a lot of orthopedic issues and back issues," she said.

As everyday tasks became more of a challenge, Sharon couldn't stand to see her life slip away. "I couldn’t do it anymore," she said. "I wanted a different lifestyle." And thanks to Northern Westchester Hospital's Surgical Weight Loss Program, Sharon has achieved that goal and is happier than ever before.

After consulting with the doctors and staff at Northern Westchester Hospital, Sharon learned that she was eligible for bariatric weight loss surgery. "The surgery was a positive experience right from the very start," she said.

For patients like Sharon who have been unsuccessful losing weight through traditional diet and exercise, bariatric surgery offers a host of medical benefits. Among them are the reduced effects of type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, high blood pressure and raised blood fats. Northern Westchester Hospital doctors and staff have also seen improvements in arthritis, general pain, mobility, asthma, infertility and lymphedema.

In addition to the procedure's medical benefits, the emotional stress relieved by bariatric surgery can also be immense. In Sharon's case, the surgery allowed her to participate in recreational activities free from physical restrictions. "I had the right doctor, the right hospital, and it was the right time in my life,” she said. "I wanted a different lifestyle and I got it."

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