Northern Westchester Hospital Helps Skier Return To Slopes

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. -- From skiing and hiking to mountain biking and organized sports, Scott was used to living an active lifestyle. However, after a lingering high school sport injury gradually reduced his knee's mobility, he decided that giving up his hobbies just wasn't an option.

Scott knew he didn't want to "limp through his golden years." Thanks to a partial knee replacement surgery with Dr. Evan Karas at Northern Westchester Hospital, he's now living a pain-free life. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

"Following a high school athletic injury, the right half of my right knee degraded and I did not want to limp though my golden years," he said. "I asked Dr. Karas to perform the [replacement] surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital based on a positive prior experience." 

An expert in partial knee replacement, Dr. Evan Karas and the orthopedic staff at Northern Westchester Hospital utilized a leading edge robotic system to enhance visualization, precision and control during surgery.  In Scott's case, by undergoing a minimally invasive procedure, he was able to experience less pain, smaller incisions and a quicker return to the activities he loved. 

After undergoing his knee surgery and spending just one night in the hospital, Scott began a rehabilitation program with the recovery team at NWH at Chappaqua Crossing. "Dr. Karas provided the surgical solution, and the NWH physical therapy team guided my physical recovery," he said. 

Today, his knee feels as good as new. "It's now seven and a half months since my surgery and I'm back to full strength," said Scott. "I look forward to having the active lifestyle I envisioned." 

All of this, he realizes, has been made possible thanks to the complete care offered by Northern Westchester Hospital. "It's a terrific hospital and was a great experience," he said.

View Scott's story in the video above.

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