Northern Westchester Hospital Has Your Prescription For Laughter

Need a little levity in your life? Northern Westchester Hospital (NWH) has just what you need – a prescription for laughter. Join us on April 27 at 8pm, when nine local, amateur comedians, who all have a special connection to the hospital, take the stage and star in NWH’s Night of Comedy. Harnessing the humor in healthcare, the event will raise money for an important cause. All proceeds will benefit NWH's school-based health education programs, which are offered free of charge to more than 10,000 students throughout the community annually.

Comedian Scott Horwitz will be emceeing NWH’s Night of Comedy.
Comedian Scott Horwitz will be emceeing NWH’s Night of Comedy. Photo Credit: Contributed
Comedian Scott Horwitz will be emceeing NWH’s Night of Comedy.
Comedian Scott Horwitz will be emceeing NWH’s Night of Comedy. Photo Credit: Contributed
Dr. Warren Bromberg.
Dr. Warren Bromberg. Photo Credit: Contributed
Wally Schwartz.
Wally Schwartz. Photo Credit: Contributed

The event, which will take place at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, 480 Bedford Road in Chappaqua, will feature Bedford Hills resident and very funny emcee, Scott Horwitz, and eight hilarious acts, including: Dr. Warren Bromberg, a robotic surgeon and urologist at Northern Westchester Hospital and Wally Schwartz, Bedford Corners resident and practicing attorney by day. Despite different paths to the stage, these performers have all been making people laugh for as long as they can remember.

"Laughter has always been part of my family’s fabric," said Horwitz. "I've been 'performing' on a personal level with friends and family and colleagues at work since I was a kid cutting up in class," added Schwartz.

Although their comedy styles differ, all of the performers enjoy making light of the commonplace experiences that affect us all. "I enjoy the likes of Jerry Seinfeld because his material consists of universal everyday experiences and short vignettes that get you to participate in the mundane or anxiety-provoking life events with a new creative perspective," said Bromberg. "I attempt to do the same, but use medical encounters as the source material."

Horwitz, who's performed in settings ranging from small bars to 500+ seat venues, enjoys the way comedy makes him feel. “Laughter has a tendency to reduce stress hormones and increase the release of endorphins and oxytocin. Okay, I can hear the doctors and researchers saying as they’re reading this, “stay in your lane Scott!” But the truth is, and you know this to be true, that laughing makes you feel good.”  

Aside from the fact that we could all use a prescription for laughter, guests can feel good knowing their evening out is supporting children and their health. In 2018, the Community Health Education and Outreach Program at NWH reached more than 11,600 students through over 350 programs on nutrition, anxiety, vaping, healthy relationships and more. The program is funded largely through philanthropy, and the money raised by the Night of Comedy will be used to develop curriculum, content and teaching materials.

Knowing their laughs are serving a greater purpose is what makes the comics all the more excited to take the stage. "We have found very funny people who have one thing in common: they're all part of the larger Northern Westchester Hospital community," said Horwitz. "This diverse group of performers bring to the stage some laugh out loud material about health, wellness and medicine."

For Schwartz, a successful evening will be measured in much simpler terms. "My personal goal is to make it out of there alive," he said.

In addition to Scott Horwitz, Warren Bromberg and Wally Schwartz, performers include Douglas Krohn, MD, Gina Luongo O’Connell, Ron Peragallo, RPh, Vikki Salese, Eric Sandhusen, MPH, and Lucas Zelnick.

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