Local Father Enjoys Full Recovery After Partial Knee Replacement

While raising three active children, Bruce became very familiar with the expert care at Northern Westchester Hospital. So when his chronic knee pain worsened and he struggled with everyday activities, he turned to the same staff he had known and come to trust after so many years.

Bruce had partial knee replacement surgery with Dr. David Yasgur at Northern Westchester Hospital. Here he describes his experience and knee surgery recovery. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

"I had a partial knee replacement on my right knee," said Bruce. "The surgery is a sneeze—you fall asleep and you wake up and it’s been done."

For many adults over 50, osteoarthritis, which specifically targets the knees, is the most common type of arthritis. Thankfully, partial knee replacement can reduce or eliminate pain and enhance range of motion for sufferers.

Partial knee replacement often involves the use of a prosthesis to replace missing or damaged cartilage in the knee. Advances in surgical technology have improved patient outcomes and contributed to shorter recovery times. This has been done through cutting edge robot-assisted surgical systems that give surgeons precise control and guidance throughout surgery, and also eliminate the need for patients to undergo pre-operative procedures.

"The knee today is fine," said Bruce. "There’s no pain, no agony, no struggle whatsoever. Absolutely perfect."

Along with Bruce, many patients have found relief through total or partial knee replacement at Northern Westchester Hospital. That is likely why, for the past two years, US News and World Report has named NWH a "high performing hospital" in the areas of knee replacement and orthopedics.

To hear Bruce's full story, watch the video above.

For more information about knee surgery visit Northern Westchester Hospital's website.