Athletic Director, Recovered From Back Surgery And Back In The Game In Record Time

As an athletic director, former athlete and physical educator for 48 years, Peter Kuczma knows the importance of staying in good health. However, after letting a longstanding injury go untreated, a nagging back pain began to gradually disrupt his daily activities and the athletics he loved.

Athletic director and physical education teacher Peter Kuczma recounts how NWH helped him return to a normal routine just days after spinal surgery. Photo Credit: Northern Westchester Hospital

Over time, his lower back pain and legs reached the point of needing professional attention. “The pain became so bad I had to get something done," said Kuczma. Looking for the best treatment options in the greater New York area, he turned to spine surgeon Dr. Marshal Peris and the spine surgery experts at Northern Westchester Hospital.

Peris serves as director of Spine Surgery at NWH’s Orthopedic and Spine Institute, one of the most advanced spine centers in the region. Experts include spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, sport medicine and pain management specialists and physical therapists, who perform an array of minimally-invasive procedures.

Peris performed Kuczma's operation, giving him the relief he needed. Following the procedure he experienced a quick recovery, thanks to the minimally invasive procedure. "The surgery was absolutely amazing," he said. "When I came out he had me walking that night and the next day I was released. 

“On day four I felt so good that I went back to my normal routine, which included driving” he said. 

For Westchester residents seeking the best of big city care with the comforts of a community-minded hospital, Northern Westchester hospital offers the best of both worlds. 

"I recommend Northern Westchester Hospital, it's one of the best hospitals around," said Kuczma.

Watch Kuczma's story in the video above, and for more information about spine surgery or to schedule an appointment, call 914-666-1499 or visit NWH's website.