Ossining's Roosevelt School Moving Forward With Common Core

OSSINING, N.Y. -- Students at Ossining's Roosevelt School are expanding their minds with the school's Common Core Curriculum. 

The following is a list of themes and descriptions of programs being implemented at the school this year: 

English Language Arts

Students will continue their work on human rights using the book "Esperanza Rising" as a jumping off point. They will compare and contrast Esperanza to other characters in the novel, focusing specifically on how the different characters respond to the challenges in their work camp, and discuss whether or not the migrant workers should strike.

Students will create a two-voice poem contrasting the ways two different characters respond to a similar challenge. They will then write a formal essay in which they analyze how Esperanza changes throughout the novel.


Students will apply their understanding of base ten patterns as they move from whole number multiplication and division to multiplication and division of decimals. They will be using several strategies such as estimation, area diagrams, and standard algorithm. In addition, students will evaluate and write expressions, and solve multi-step word problems. An emphasis on the reasonableness of both products and quotients, interpretation of remainders, and reasoning about the placement of decimals draws on skills learned throughout the unit, and will help refine the students' knowledge of place value, rounding, and estimation.


Students will learn about microscopes, about the classification of living things, and about cells and cell theory. They will learn that the cell theory is a well-tested and accepted explanation of the relationship between cells and living things. Students will develop the understanding that all living things are composed of one or more cells, that the cell is the smallest unit having the properties of life, and that all cells are produced from the growth and division of single cells.

Social Studies

Students will finish up the study of Geography of the Western Hemisphere and will begin learning about the different types of governments found in the Western Hemisphere.

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