Letter To The Editor: Responding To Catherine Borgia

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Bob Outhouse
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As I stated yesterday, in a Letter to the Editor on Daily Voice, I am deeply concerned by Catherine Borgia’s professional relationship to the Hudson Institute property, a relationship she has failed to disclose to her voters – including in a lengthy letter to the Patch that she posted yesterday.

To my concerns, Catherine Borgia has challenged me to “substantiate [my] most recent ‘false’ allegation, suggesting [she has] any involvement with the Hudson Institute.” Although I have not accused her of a crime, she curiously also challenges me to take my evidence to the District Attorney.

To Catherine Borgia, I ask you four simple questions:

1) Are you employed by Mark Seiden’s real estate firm? Or, when Mark Seiden’s website lists you as one of his six agents, is that a fabrication? (

2) Does Mark Seiden’s real estate firm, of which you are employed as one of just six agents, include 2016 Quaker Ridge Road in Croton, also known as the Hudson Institute property, among its properties at a sale price of $23.5 million? (

3) On Mark Seiden’s website, do you offer clients that “As a sitting County Legislator, I have deep knowledge of the communities of the region”? Is it appropriate to use your elected position this way? And, what do buyers get from you as a County Legislator that they would not get from another agent?

4) Since you work for Mark Seiden, and Mark Seiden is selling the Hudson Institute, then what is the false allegation?

If Catherine Borgia really feels she has been subjected to “several outrageous lies told by my opponent’s increasingly unhinged and dirty campaign,” I challenge her to take her complaints to the Westchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee so that they can be judged by an impartial panel. But she will not do that because she cannot defend her record on Hudson Institute, she cannot defend ignoring campaign finance rules for 3 consecutive campaigns, and she cannot defend any of the statements she has made throughout this campaign.

Robert J. Outhouse

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