Letter To The Editor: Bob Outhouse Is Unqualified

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To the Editor:

Mr. Outhouse brags about his record as a well-loved officer who never had any complaints or issues against him. That is not true. This happened about twenty-two years ago. I was on my way to teach my evening class at Westchester Community College when a cop from a northern Westchester town made an illegal turn and hit my car. The driver’s partner came over to my car to see if I was okay. He said, “I don’t know what he [his partner] was thinking.”

Although they admitted the driver was at fault, they politely explained that they had to report the accident. Two Westchester County cops arrived at the scene. The one in charge was Robert Outhouse. After subjecting me to ageist and sexist comments and detaining me unnecessarily while those at fault were able to leave, Officer Outhouse told me I could pick up the police report at the station, but he added that it wasn’t necessary since it was just routine. By the time I got to my class my students, who had waited a half-hour, had left.

When I read the accident report I was shocked. Officer Outhouse had falsified the report to make it look like I was at fault. Obviously he wanted to let his “friend” off the hook. I wrote a letter to the Westchester County police department, but I didn’t even try to take this matter further. Why? I was afraid of retaliation. I was afraid of Robert Outhouse. I remember his condescending smirk. So it’s not true that he never had any issues. Perhaps he had no “reported” issues for the same reason I didn’t take my complaint any further. It was an experience I will never forget. So when I found out he was running for office I knew I had to speak up.

I do not believe Robert Outhouse is qualified to be the Westchester County Legislator.


Arlene Shapiro 

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