Ossining Mom Takes Lyme Disease Challenge

OSSINING, N.Y. -- An Ossining resident is doing all she can to help raise awareness about Lyme Disease.

Lisa Kilion with her kids and their friends, taking a bite out of Lyme Disease.
Lisa Kilion with her kids and their friends, taking a bite out of Lyme Disease. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lisa Kilion

Lisa Kilion is one of the organizers behind a campaign called The Lyme Disease Challenge. Killion said Lyme Disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the country, yet has little research money.

Children are most at risk for Lyme Disease, which can affect a child's central nervous system, Kilion said. Lyme Disease can become a chronic condition if not treated.

"We want to bring awareness to the fact that people are suffering," Kilion. "Lyme Disease is on every continent except Antarctica and there are people not getting treatment. There are many different diseases that get diagnosed when Lyme Disease is actually the culprit."

Kilion had Lyme Disease as a child and didn't know about it until after she gave birth. She believes she gave her children Lyme Disease at birth.

"Ticks are so small," Kilion said. "All it takes is one bite and it change a persons entire world. Ticks can hide behind your ear."

Kilion's son had to leave school for a time when he was suffering from the disease.  For two years, he was misdiagnosed until finally he was diagnosed and treated for Lyme Disease. Kilion's daughter also has had issues from the disease.

"To see your child go through this is excruciating," Kilion said.

Kilion said she suffers from fatigue and memory issues.

"We need more research and funding," Kilion. "We need more doctors to treat Lyme Disease. It impacts 300,000 Americans each year."

Lyme Disease could become a huge epidemic if not taken given more funding, Kilion said.

“It’s important for parents of children suffering from Lyme to know that they are not alone," she said. "There are many others who currently endure the same challenges as they struggle to find effective treatments. With support, we can get through these difficult times."

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