Ossining Documentary Series Focused On Breast Cancer Fundraising

OSSINING, N.Y. -- The Ossining Library will be screening a documentary about who really benefits from breast cancer fundraising.

"Pink Ribbons, Inc." will be screened at the Ossining Library Thursday.

"Pink Ribbons, Inc." will be screened at the Ossining Library Thursday.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Suzie Ross

The Ossining Documentary and Discussion Series kicks off its fall season Thursday at 6:15 p.m. with a screening of "Pink Ribbons, Inc." at the library's Budarz Theatre.

The series is screening the movie in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month.

"As a breast cancer victim, this touched me in a different way," Suzie Ross, co-founder of the documentary series said. "We are overburdened by the pinkness and prettiness of breast cancer awareness."

Ross said people sign up for cancer walks or buy pink products, only they don't know where the money actually goes.

"People buy perfume to promote breast cancer awareness," Ross said. "That's the exact opposite of what you should be doing. You're giving money to companies that produce chemicals that cause cancer."

When you are pulled at the heartstrings to do something good, Ross said you should do your research.

"This film will open up people's eyes and bring in all perspectives to the audience," Ross said. "People don't realize that much of the money raised by the American Cancer Society goes to administrators."

Panelists will include a member of Charity Navigator, a charity watchdog group as well as an expert in marketing from Pace University.

"People think all the money goes to cancer research," Ross said. "What are they researching? If you buy pink socks from the NFL, you're largely just supporting the NFL.

Ross, who battled breast cancer 10 years ago, said she is overwhelmed by the "pinkwashing" that occurs every October.

"It makes me want to run the other way," Ross said. "I just want to hide. We have many supporters who are just sick of pinkwashing."

Ross said she was disgusted when she saw a hydrofracking company drilling for natural gas by using a pink drill.

"That's the biggest insult of them all," Ross said. "It's all about profit. It's not about caring for people at all."

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