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Joel Tyner
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Dear Editor:

LIE: I attacked public officials as "fascists." (The Poughkeepsie Journal despicably spread this lie in June.)

FACT: Wrong-- truth is I refuted this from the beginning-- recall my column: .

LIE: I attacked public official for religion/faith-- and called that official a "Nazi."

FACT: I never attacked any public official for religion or called them "Nazi."

FACT: I have been only county legislator to public challenge legality of county bus takeover in Poughkeepsie-- not only immoral-- but illegal according to Section 119-0 of NYS General Municipal Law and Title VI of 1964 Civil Rights Act. Period: ; .

Come out and vote today for common-sense progressive initiatives to make Rhinebeck and Clinton better-- our county fund balance is now $60 million-- literally triple what it was from 1996 through 2012 due to cruel shift in county sales tax revenue-sharing:

-- Restore county sales tax revenue owed Rhinebeck/Clinton: expand senior/youth programs

-- Tap massive county surplus-- restore 5-day senior centers; libraries/sidewalks/crosswalks

-- Expand county Domestic Abuse Response Team to protect women in Rhinebeck/Clinton

-- Pay equity laws enforced in Dutchess as in Erie County-- no tax breaks to firms without it

-- Revitalize local towns with new-economy ideas (,

-- Slash county property taxes-- eliminate corporate welfare, smart jail reform (

-- Slash county property taxes-- innovation (,

-- Treat addiction as disease not crime— stop locking up nonviolent addicts (

-- Ban toxic toys here as in Westchester/Suffolk/Rockland counties (

New-Economy Jobs Explosion Now:; ;

Joel Tyner

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