Letter To The Editor: Setting The Record Straight

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Joel Tyner
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Dear Editor:

Fact: The principal at my Bronx teaching job understandably told me in 2004 that I needed to make a choice after I got elected between teaching in NYC or being a county legislator. I was on our County Legislature's Budget, Finance, and Personnel Committee at that time (still am), and that committee used to meet ten times every November at 2 pm-- forcing me to leave my math teaching position at noon those days I decided ultimately to quit that teaching job and devote myself to being even more of a workaholic county legislator.

Mr. Gannon-- the truth is that I've had neither the time nor money because of this to finish my Master's degree and get my permanent teaching certification-- because for well over a decade now I've done the work of several legislators doing research others won't re: pay-to-play corruption in our county government, MTBE groundwater contamination in Rhinebeck and Clinton, etc., etc.

Irony: Gannon twists my devoting myself 110 percent to my county legislator responsibilities all this time-- to the detriment of my own income and my teaching career-- against me (really?).

More to the point tho-- Gannon's chosen candidate Joan Carbonaro, has refused to respond to my emails to her since July 21st asking her to work with me to set up debates.

Bill-- tell Carbonaro to put Tues. Oct. 24th 6 pm at Clinton Town Hall and Thurs. Oct. 26th 6 pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall on her schedule to debate me-- just as both Tom Traudt and Joel Miller agreed to civilly debate me without moderators (I don't bite lol).

Fact: Joan was on the Town of Clinton Zoning Board of Appeals-- absent literally eleven times over a four-year period. Apparently this is the kind of "public service" Gannon wants for Rhinebeck and Clinton-- we deserve better-- we deserve a workaholic devoted to making our community better over all other priorities (as I've done).

Republicans already control 18 of 25 seats in our County Legislature-- do we really need one more (especially one, who as Carbonaro has, bragged about her vote/support for Trump)?

Joel Tyner

County Legislator


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