Letter To The Editor: Keep The Facts Going

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<p>Joel Tyner</p>

Joel Tyner

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Just quoted by Tyner:

"Wake up folks-- Mr. Gannon is trying to use a classic straw-man argument here-- the fact is that I never stated that the issue of Hyde Park school property taxes here in Clinton was completely solved-- just that I have worked on it".

Tyner says he worked on it, not currently working on it! What has he done in the Past Few Years on this issue ? Did he stop pursuing it because he thought it was corrected and a closed issue or what? It was with my fellow neighbor Lynne Keefe who started to bring this issue publicly years ago and we copied Tyner on emails before He ever got involved as District 11 Legislator.

Joel Tyner backed out on this issue years ago just like Terry Gipson did at that time after Joel held a meeting and no one showed up from the Democratic Team Hyde Park. So why have we not heard from Tyner in the Past 2-3 years about this issue? He thought it was a closed issue?

Has Tyner really been in touch with South Region, NYS TAX DEPARTMENT ORPTS—CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM 44 SOUTH BROADWAY, 6TH FLOOR WHITE PLAINS NY about this issue?

A Dutchess County Legislator has nothing to do with changing School Tax levy from property taxes to income tax methodology. It has to be done at NY State Level... Looks like you would be paying neither way Joel...

Please vote Joan Carbonaro who can work with all within this Town, County and State level as a Team. Not like Leftist Activist Joel Tyner.

William Gannon

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