Letter: Dutchess Voters Should Know Where Serino Stands On Trump

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To the Editor:

In light of the release of the Trump tape last Friday and the defection of numerous Republicans from the Trump camp, I called state Sen. Sue Serino's office to ask whether she also was rescinding her support of the Republican candidate. Her office replied the senator has "no opinion" on this issue.

I did some research and found the senator also has declined many opportunities to discuss issues, in open forum, with her opponent, Terry Gipson. Issues cannot be so demanding of your time that you cannot take a moment and take a stand for women, or, at the very least, defend your presidential nominee.

So then why the silence? Is it that you are too heavily indebted to the Republican Campaign Committee, to the tune of $591,000, and are going to play it safe?

I am a registered Democrat but I don't vote party, I vote issues. I'm willing to cross the aisle if I think a candidate earns my vote. Up until this morning, my vote was up for grabs.

I'm disappointed, Sue.

Thankfully, there have been many brave women in history who took a risk, spoke up for what is right and understood that silence equals complicity. Women who gave their lives so women could vote and, by the way, hold office.

You owe them. You owe them more than a "no comment."

Kat McAfee

Editor's note: Sen. Serino said she is not endorsing a candidate for president and condemned Trump's comments. 

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