Video Goes Viral: Train Blasts Rhinebeck Commuters With Snow

A video that's gone viral of an Amtrak train en route from Westchester roaring into Rhinebeck Station on Wednesday morning covering commuters with an avalanche of snow and ice is hard not to laugh at, but for the woman busy texting who didn't see it coming,  it's probably something she will never forget.

An Amtrak train roaring into Rhinebeck Station covers commuters in a shower of snow and ice blocks.

Photo Credit: Nick Colvin/YouTube

The sequence was shown Thursday on NBC's "Today" show and other morning TV news programs.

The video shows it was pretty obvious that anyone waiting on the Rhinebeck station platform to get through Putnam and Westchester en route to Penn Station would be covered by the white stuff from the snow-covered track as the train came roaring through the station. But many just stood where they were and let the huge wave of snow of ice come pounding down on them, with some sent flying.

A few quick thinkers ones did run for cover.

One official said the train was traveling at its normal speed in order to remove snow and ice from the rails, said NBC New York.

Some people who saw the video said commuters shouldn't be allowed to stand on the edge of the platform, while others piped in that was clear what was coming and moved out of the way.

No one was seriously injured. One person suffered a minor head injury, according to NBC News.

Click here to read the NBC New York report.

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