Pro-Trump Congressman Announces He's Running For NY Governor In 2022

A Long Island Republican Congressman who stood firmly behind former President Donald Trump throughout his embattled tenure in office announced that he will be challenging incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the 2022 election.

Long Island Congressman Lee Zedlin.

Long Island Congressman Lee Zedlin.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@LeeZedlin

Congressman Lee Zeldin officially threw his hat into the gubernatorial ring on Thursday morning, April 8, following Trump’s modus operandi by announcing his candidacy in a string of tweets largely targeting Cuomo.

“I’m running for Governor of NY in 2022. To save NY, #CuomosGottaGo,” he posted. “I’ll bring the kind of relentless, fighting spirit towards helping o save our state that Cuomo reserves for multi-million dollar self-congratulatory book deals, cover-ups, abuse and self-dealing.”

Zeldin said that New York was once a “beacon of hope,” though it has gone dark under Democratic rule.

“Throughout US history, NY has led the way forward for our country. From Washington leading the Continental Army from Manhattan, to Lincoln’s Cooper Union speech, & the rebuilding of NYC after 9/11, the Empire State has been a beacon of hope, progress & patriotism for 250 yrs,” he posted.

Zeldin has long been rumored to make a gubernatorial run, with his name first coming up in some circles when Cuomo’s controversies came to light. He becomes the first GOP contender to officially challenge the incumbent governor, who has been in office for three terms.

“With 1-party Dem rule in NYC & Albany, the light that was a beacon of what America can be has gone dark,” Zeldin added. “The NY once a magnet for the world’s best & brightest is now forcing its own to leave under the weight of crushing taxes, lost jobs, suffocating regulations, & rising crime.”

Zeldin, a staunch Trump supporter who backed him blindly during his impeachment hearings and made false claims of fraud following the 2020 presidential election, said that it is “time for us to do something (about the state of New York).”

"From the tax policy to the public safety to the attacks on our freedoms, we're seeing a weakened governor because of all of the scandals, the loss of life, the cover-up, the investigations, but it's been impacting us in many ways and it's time for us to do something about it,” the Congressman said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Zeldin went on to target other top New York Democrats during his appearance on “Fox & Friends” including the House leadership.

“It’s a reminder that between Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and James Clyburn, the top three members of the House Democratic leadership, the top three members of House leadership, they have been serving now in the House of Representatives for well over 100 years. It's time to go,” he said. “We need to bring in new blood, new ideas, because you have people like Speaker Pelosi who's just a dishonest hack on stuff like this.

“And I hate to say it, but what we need is for people to be honest about what's happening, because the crisis will only get worse until someone like Speaker Pelosi listens to some of her Texas Democrats in her delegation who say, 'hey, listen, there's a crisis I see to my district and you better do something about it, because it's coming to your district if you don't stop it.’"

Before using the social media platform to solicit donations for his campaign, Zeldin took one last potshot at the incumbent governor, who is navigating his way through multiple scandals that surround his administration.

“At the helm of NY’s downfall is Andrew Cuomo, whose deadly nursing home order & cover-up is part of a long line of scandals, lies, & harassment,” he posted. “Cuomo has abused the power & trust granted to him & it's time for him to immediately exit stage left.”

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