Nyack Officials Express 'Shock, Surprise' At Brinks Robbery Clemency

NYACK, N.Y. -- Village of Nyack officials said they are outraged and shocked by the clemency granted Brinks robbery participant Judith Clark by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday.

A memorial marks the spot where two Nyack police officers were killed following a Brinks robbery.

A memorial marks the spot where two Nyack police officers were killed following a Brinks robbery.

Photo Credit: Ramapo Police Department/Facebook

In a statement by Mayor Jen White and Town Board members, officials said the Brinks robbery was one of the most devastating events to rock their small community.

" It still echoes throughout our village," they said. "For some, there are daily reminders, and as a community, every year on October 20th, we remember the brave law enforcement officers lost that terrible day."

In his statement making the announcement, Cuomo said Clark, who was the get-away car driver, received one of the longest sentences of her six co-defendants, the majority of whom are either deceased or no longer in custody.

Clark, 67, who has served 35 of her 75-year sentence, will go before the Parole Board sometime early this year.

Cuomo said that during her time at Bedford Hills, Clark has maintained a perfect disciplinary record and lives in honor housing. Based on her original sentence, she would be 106 years old before she becomes eligible for parole, leaving her without an opportunity to appear before the parole board during her natural lifetime.

For Nyack officials, the announcement brought back all of the memories of that day: "We cannot express strongly enough our deep respect, love, and support for all of our police officers who demonstrated extraordinary bravery on that horrible day in 1981 and those who continue to do so every day," they wrote.

They also declared their continued support for the families of Nyack Police Officer Waverly Brown, Nyack Police Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Brinks guard Peter Paige killed during the robbery. 

The Brinks robbery, they wrote, was a crime against brave law enforcement officers and their families, and those who loved them, and a crime against an entire community.

"To Officers Artie Keenan and Officer Brian Lennon and the family of Brinks guard Joseph Trombino, who were shot while performing their duties; to all of the men and women who served our community that terrifying October day; to our Nyack neighbors and especially to the families of those of those whose lives were lost, we offer our condolences for surely this has added to what must be almost unendurable pain," they said.

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