Bronxville Seniors Learn About Healthy Living

BRONXVILLE, N.Y. ? An active lifestyle and a balanced diet can help lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis, senior citizens were told at a free Bronxville seminar sponsored by Gramatan Village.

"It's a whole different way to look at eating," said 72-year-old Mount Vernon resident Mary Gleason, who attended the session to help change her diet.

"You have to look at your family history," she continued, "and for me, I'm concerned with my bone health. I'm going to try to make changes, but they're going to have to be small because when you eat as much processed foods as me, the change will be hard."

Titled "Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease & Osteoporosis Through Good Nutrition," the seminar was the second of three organized by Julie Dalton, executive director of Gramatan Village, with a grant from the Junior League of Bronxville.

"I think Alzheimer’s disease is one of our critical issues to educate people about," said Dalton. "Most people wait until there's a crisis to take action, but our goal is for people to take some baby steps after attending one of our presentations."

Alzheimer’s research shows a benefit from following the so-called six pillars of a brain-healthy lifestyle, according to clinical nutritionist Jacqui Justice, one of the seminar speakers. The pillars are: regular exercise, a healthy diet, mental stimulation, quality sleep, stress management and an active social life.

"I recommend people to follow a Mediterranean diet, which isn't necessarily a no fat diet, but certainly a lower fat diet," said Justice. "If you should take away anything today it should be to lower your sugar intake. A diet filled with sugar could lead to diabetes, which is proven to be connected to Alzheimer’s Disease."

The other speaker was Natasha Bernardez, a holistic culinary instructor.  

The third seminar, "Sharp Again Naturally ? Nutrition For Your Brain," will be held Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 2:30 p.m. at The Reformed Church.

The non-profit Gramatan Village serves senior citizens throughout Bronxville.

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