New Website Created By Political Foe To 'Dig Up Dirt' On Gov. Cuomo

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro has created a political website for whistleblowers to provide tips on suspected crimes committed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration.

<p>Gov. Andrew Cuomo&#x27;s Republican opponent has created a website called</p>

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Republican opponent has created a website called

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<p>Will Albany get the message? Gov. Andrew Cuomo&#x27;s opponent says voters can send one on Nov. 6.</p>

Will Albany get the message? Gov. Andrew Cuomo's opponent says voters can send one on Nov. 6.

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Molinaro, a Republican running for governor on Nov. 6, said he created after “countless calls, often in whispered tones” alleging wrongdoing by top Cuomo aides and appointees.

“For months, my campaign has been receiving information from courageous state employees seeking to expose corruption and frustrated by the refusal of New York State law enforcement figures to act on what they view as clear illegalities,” Molinaro said in a press statement. “In creating, we are speaking directly to those brave individuals, and others like them, and providing them with a secure, confidential online tool with which they can pass along information that needs to see the light of day.”

The Internet site went active after Joseph Percoco, a former top Cuomo aide and friend from South Salem, was sentenced to six years in federal prison for accepting more than $300,000 in bribes pay-to-play corruption scams as reported here by Daily Voice.

"This is the latest desperate gimmick from Trump mini-me Marc Molinaro and his flailing campaign," said Lis Smith a spokeswoman for the governor from New Castle.

Molinaro "can shed as many crocodile tears as he wants over transparency, but they mean nothing until he answers critical questions about his own troubling history of quid pro quo-answers he has willfully hid from the public by refusing to release his tax returns or properly file ethics disclosures," the representative for the governor said.

Molinaro’s website asks visitors to fill out an online form to “Blow the whistle on Cuomo’s Corruption.”

One field — soliciting tips or complaints — is required, but the form also includes optional check-off boxes to disclose if tipsters are government employees or work for companies doing business with New York state.

“Any names or positions provided will be held in strict confidence,” Cuomoleaks site promises.

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