Dear Daily Voice Plus Reader:

In response to your comments—because you want more thoughtful coverage about your community on topics that matter most to you—we are excited to announce new topics on Daily Voice Plus:

Politics. All politics is local and that hasn’t changed at Daily Voice Plus. We will continue to hold your local politicians accountable and look behind the stories in your towns to bring you what truly matters to you.

Schools. On average, your child spends one-sixth of the year in school, and that’s not counting after-school activities. Friday Night Lights scores matter, but so does bullying, violence in schools, board of education fights, curriculum and more.

Lifestyle. From new hotspots to local movers and shakers to the quiet, powerful stories you might never have otherwise found, get to know your neighbors—quirky and otherwise—a little better.

Your Money. Coming soon! We want to help you make your money work for you. Find the best ways to manage your money in Fairfield and Westchester Counties here.

We hope you enjoy the revised Daily Voice Plus. Your opinion matters—please let us know what you want to see. Your feedback is invaluable!

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