Disturbing 'Suicide Challenge' App Aimed At Teens Sparks New Warning

An ongoing suicide “game” involving a person dubbed “Momo" targeting teens on a prominent messaging app is sparking a new warning.



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“Momo” has become a viral challenge that first asks people to add a contact on the WhatsApp app, and they are then encouraged to commit self-harm or suicide. The “game” has spread nationwide. The challenge has since evolved to include other apps and social media platforms.

According to Fox News, police in Mexico say that “Momo” started in a Facebook group, where people are encouraged to make contact with an unknown telephone number.

“Computer Crime Investigators from the Mexican State of Tabasco warn that the game is a ‘new challenge’ aimed at children and young people. “Avoid talking with strangers,” it tweeted recently.

“Momo” is depicted as a terrifying woman’s face with bulging eyes and a creepy smile. When interacting with children and teenagers on the apps, the perpetrators allegedly threaten to appear in the night or levy a curse on the users if they fail to respond.

The Yorktown Police Department issued an alert this week warning of the dangers of the "game." 

"The Momo challenge is fresh of the '48-hour challenge' where teens (and)  young adults stage their own disappearance. They rack up points as news of their 'disappearance' spreads on social media," police officials said."

"If you have kids, and they are old enough to have a cell phone or have internet access, we'd wager to say that there may be some 'dares' regarding this 'Momo challenge.' Think about a 7 or 8-year-old with a cell phone or playing an online video game stumbling onto this. We've also been told that this 'Momo challenge' has popped up in online Youtube video games." 

The image was reportedly taken from an Instagram account, which has since gone viral.

“Momo” will send “players” violent images and then make demands and threats if certain actions are not completed.

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