Suspicious Packages Give Scare To Westchester Court Jury Member

A Westchester homeowner received a scare after serving on a jury, convicting a suspect and receiving a suspicious package with his name on it.

<p>The Scarsdale Police Department.</p>

The Scarsdale Police Department.

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In the wake of the pipe bombs sent to political figures throughout the country, a Scarsdale resident reported a sketchy package that was shipped to her home while she was on vacation.

Members of the Scarsdale Police Department were contacted by a Church Lane resident late on Sunday, Nov. 11, who said she had received a suspicious package through the mail.

The department responded to the home and spoke with the caller, who said that while she was away on vacation she received the package, which appeared to be identical to a similar suspicious package that was reported to police two days earlier. In the package, there were approximately 25 typed pages, and a piece of cardboard wrapped around a USB flash drive.

Police said that the package was a 9-by-12 manila envelope and was shipped through “USPS First-Class PKG.” The package had the word “Fragile - Hand Stamp” written on it and was sealed with packing tape.

According to police, the woman told investigators that she had recently served on a criminal jury at the Westchester County Court House and convicted a man.

“(The woman) stated that the reason the package caused her alarm was that the name on the return address was the same name as the man that she had convicted,” police said.

Ultimately, the package was determined to be benign, and officers opened it, finding that the contents were identical to the package delivered on Friday to Fox Meadow Road. 

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