StacyKnows: Meet Robert Forcelli, Westchester Trainer

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Stacy Geisinger interviewed fitness trainers Robert Forcelli.
Stacy Geisinger interviewed fitness trainers Robert Forcelli. Photo Credit:

As one of the most popular fitness trainers based in Westchester County, Rob Forcelli's philosophy is simply "Bring Your Best and Nothing Less" to any workout, as well as any goal, activity or life experience. 

Forcelli earned the nickname "Fastlane" from his fighting coach due to a tireless work ethic and fast life that only gave him three to five hours of sleep a night. 

He also earned the nickname "Spud Stud" after founding a successful business called Potato King USA along with his father. The "Spud Stud" was featured on talk shows by Ricki Lake, Montel Williams and more.

Forcelli has worked as a group exercise instructor for nearly 30 years, and his favorite to teach is Saturday 9:30 a.m. at Equinox due to the volume of participants.

His "Contender Workout" is an intensive, boxing-based workout that combines strength, cardio and beats to target the entire body. 

Forcelli attributes his success to keeping workouts simple enough for anyone to follow and incorporating musicality as a former DJ. 

He advises finding a balance weekly with enjoyable activities in order to keep fitness as a permanent part of life. 

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