New Data Shows Statewide Prevention Of Opioids Works

Newly released data shows that efforts to curtail the use of opioids statewide is working, according to the New York State Department of Health.

The number of overdose deaths, particularly due to opioids, has decreased in New York.

The number of overdose deaths, particularly due to opioids, has decreased in New York.

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According to the NYSDOH, opioid deaths are down, as are overdoses and cases where first responders are forced to administer Naloxone to potential victims of overdoses.

Officials stated that in response to the growing opioid public health crisis and recommendations to improve the timeliness of reporting opioid-related data, the NYSDOH Opioid Prevention Program provides opioid-related data to support statewide prevention efforts.

  • In Westchester, preliminary data released this week showed that for every 100,000 residents in 2016, there were 107 opioid overdoses and 53 heroin overdoses. From January through March last year, there was just five opioid overdoses, compared to 112 statewide. The year prior, there were 502 overdoses reported statewide during that time period.
  • In Putnam County, there were just 15 opioid overdoses reported in 2016, while there were eight heroin overdoses. There was less than six hospitalizations reported, one of the lowest figures in the state.
  • In Rockland, there were three opioid overdoses reported from January through March 2017, compared to eight during that timeframe the year prior. There were 36 opioid overdoses and 15 heroin overdoses reported in the county in 2016.
  • In Orange County, 66 opioid overdoses were reported in 2016, with 251 patients sent to the emergency room for treatment. There were also 44 heroin overdoses reported and Naloxone was administered more than 400 times.
  • In Dutchess County, opioid overdoses were down more than 100 percent from 2016 to 2017, with 48 opioid overdoses reported in 2016 and 26 heroin overdoses reported.

Statewide, in 2016, there were 1879 opioid overdoses, 748 heroin overdoses and 1,478 overdoses involving opioid pain relievers. Nearly 7,000 people were also revived by paramedics utilizing Naloxone. 

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