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Creepy Crickets: Spider-Like 'Sprickets' Crawling Around Westchester Homes

Spider or camel crickets love to hide in dark, damp spaces.
Spider or camel crickets love to hide in dark, damp spaces. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They have long legs and can look like a large wolf spider, and if you get close enough to one, they will jump right in your face.

We are talking about spider or camel crickets who love to multiply in mass in dark, damp places like basements and bathrooms and attic areas. Bug experts say they also love caves, which is more their natural habitat. 

But over the past few years, these creepy "sprickets" can be found throughout homes in the area. 

They are voracious eaters and love to chow down on fungus, fabric, carpets, wood, cardboard, dust, plants and, yuck, even each other. They don't bite people, well if one lands on your arm they might take a nibble that feels like a pinch.

Jim Horton of QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services in Tarrytown, said sprickets love to move into deck spaces that are dark and damp.

They also seek out other dark, damp spaces including basements, sheds, or crawl spaces where they can munch on fungus and mold, he said.

You'll know if you see one, they are dark brown with long legs and antennae and can grow as large as 4 inches long. The large hind legs allow them to jump several feet, but with no wings, they can't fly.

Horton, who had just returned from removing a raccoon from a resident's basement, said dealing with the sprickets isn't just coming in and spraying pesticides.

Instead, he prefers to use glue boards to trap the crickets once any installation or damp boards, etc., are removed, then he repairs the area with closed-cell spray foam to act as a moisture barrier. Sometimes, a contractor will need to come in and make repairs.

And while they don't pose any health threat, the crickets can become a nuisance if they begin eating clothes or other important items. Of course, it's the scary looking factor that's the worst.

The most effective way to prevent a camel cricket infestation is to reduce areas of moisture, Horton said.

 A dehumidifier is recommended to prevent moisture buildup indoors and homeowners should seal all possible points of entry around the house, keep crawl spaces, basements and attics well ventilated, and store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house.

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