'Epic, Drool-Worthy' Armonk Bakery Makes Top 100 Best Cookies List

A Westchester County bakery has one of the best chocolate chip cookies in the United States, according to Yelp.

Beascake Bakery, located in Armonk, makes one of the top chocolate chip cookies in the country, according to a ranking by Yelp. 

Beascake Bakery, located in Armonk, makes one of the top chocolate chip cookies in the country, according to a ranking by Yelp. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/beascakesbakery

Forget leaving cookies out for Santa – get yourself one of these cookies instead.

Beascakes Bakery, located at 575 Main Street in Armonk, makes one of the best versions of the classic dessert, according to the business review website Yelp, which compiled a list of America’s Top 100 chocolate cookies in July 2023.

With over 16,000 followers on Instagram, it may not surprise loyal fans that the bakery, which specializes in customizable confections, came in at number 20 for its iteration of a classic chocolate chip cookie.

“THE chocolate chip cookie of all chocolate chip cookies, my friends! I'm all about a soft, chewy cookie (sorry, team crunchy), and this one truly hits it out of the park,” wrote Yelp reviewer Dorna N. of New York City.

“Beascakes has somehow honed the chip-to-dough ratio right down to a science - it's JUUUUUST RIGHT. Books should be written on what they've achieved here. Collegiate courses should be taught. This is serious stuff, people.”

She continued, “If you're lucky to get yours fresh out of the oven, please enjoy an epic and drool-worthy cookie pull, with ooey-gooey strands of chocolatey goodness coming apart from the center.”

Dorna’s review is hardly the exception — dozens of entries gush about how good the cookies are, including one who liked them so much they offered the treats as wedding favors.

In addition to their revered chocolate chip cookie (which can be purchased in dough form, for those who can't wait for the oven), Beascakes offers a plentiful list of pies, donuts, cakes, tarts, and more. 

Established in 2002, Beascakes Bakery started out of a humble home on Maple Avenue but expanded in 2010 to cater to its growing clientele.

To see Beascakes Bakery’s full menu, click here.

Using data compiled from all 10 of Yelp’s years in business, the website gathered eateries based on the number of reviews that mentioned chocolate chip cookies and ranked them using many metrics, including total ratings of the cookie-related reviews.

To view the full chocolate chip cookie ranking from Yelp, click here

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