‘Bearnapping’ Ends With Return Of Stuffed Autism Fund Raiser To Clifton Diner

A 16-year-old boy who pulled off a “not-well-thought-out prank” returned a stuffed bear being used to help raise money and autism for autism to the Clifton diner that he stole it from.



Photo Credit: COURTESY: Allwood Diner
Photo Credit: COURTESY: Clifton PD

Delinquency complaints won’t be signed against him because he’s a juvenile and because owners of the Allwood Diner don't want to pursue any, Clifton Police Lt. Bob Bracken told Daily Voice early Thursday.

Surveillance video shows the thief walking into the diner and running out with the "Batbear," who is part of a family of four stuffed attractions in superhero shirts in the lobby of the Allwood Road eatery. 

Police said he then hopped into the passenger said of a waiting blue Ford Mustang, which took off.

Friends found a boastful video posted on Instagram showing the thief and driver of a getaway car having fun with their “bearnapping” stunt, the diner owners posted on Facebook.

To the teen “it was just a stuffed bear,” they wrote, “but he quickly realized what this bear meant to Allwood Diner and the Clifton community.

“Thankfully, all the attention in social media as well as the coverage from all the news channels helped us incredibly in getting him back.

“We were amazed at the outpouring of support from the Clifton community including offers to replace the bear as well as helping to find those responsible. We want to thank each and everyone of you for all your help and love!!”

The owners asked that people consider donating to Autism Speaks. As of Thursday morning, the Allwood Diner campaign had raised nearly $1,200.



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